Past conferences


See  the EReRe homepage for past conferences.


Helsinki  25-26 May Conceptual Histories of the World and Global Translations:  Conceptualisations of the Social and the Economic in African Languages. Meeting 2.           

See also the EReRe homepage for past conferences.


See also the EReRe homepage for past conferences.

Social and Economic Concepts in Eurasian ComparisonFinal Meeting of the International Research Group on Conceptual History and Global Translations Damascus 26-29 March 2010

Conceptual Histories of the World and Global Translations: Conceptualisation of the Social and the Economic in African Languages Stellenbosch 22-23 February 2010


International Workshop: Social and Economic Concepts in Eurasian Comparison
Berlin, 19-22 October 2009

International Workshop: Conceptual Histories of the World and Global Translations: The Conceptualization of the Social in Eurasian Compariso Bangkok, 2-5 March 2009


Conference on Conceptual History and Global Translations:
The Social in a Global Comparative Perspective of Conceptual History
3-4 October


Towards a Global History. A New History Beyond the Cultural Turn: with a Master Narrative without a Cause and without a Centre? 14-15 May

Myths and Maps of Europe 29-30 March

Mitteleuropa: Some Opening Reflections on a Concept 9 February

Politics as Struggle over Imagination 25-26 January


European Solidarity 10 October

European Unity and Division: Regions, Religions, Civilisations 25-27 September

European Solidarity 19 September

Europe in Cinema - Cinema in Europe 22 May

Constitutional Ratification: Exploring the European Public Sphere 19-20 May

The Human Subject and Community in European Philosophy and Theology: Perspectives from East and West 19 May 2006

European Solidarity 27-28 February

Mitteleuropa: Some Opening Reflections on a Concept 24 February


European Solidarity and Solidarity Beyond Europe 28-29 October

Consensualism in Austria and Finland in Comparison 27 October

Europe as Time and Space 17-18 October

Le libéralisme dans la politique européenne : identitées, pratiques, prospectives/Liberalism in the European Politics : Identity, Practices, Prospects 7-8 October

Models of the Welfare State Formation in the Global Context. Specialised Theme Session (No 21, 7 July, 2-5 p.m.)  at the World History Congress in Sydney  3-9 July

Religion and Dialogue 30-31 May

Comparative Perspectives on the Roman Empire 9-10 May

Rationalization and the Modernity of Europe 14 February


Varieties of world-making: Europe and beyond October

Cultural Dialogue October

Memory and Genocide with Martin van Gelderen and Thomas Ekman Jørgensen 18 May

The Economy as a Polity. The Political Construction of Modern Capitalism in Interdisciplinary and Comparative Perspective 16-17 April

Book launch: Homelands and Figures d'Europe 26 January


Writing the History of Political Thought/Ecrire l'histoire de la pensée politique 24 November

Concepts of Religious Bodies in Modern European Societies 6-7 October

The Economy as a Polity. The Political Construction of Modern Capitalism in Interdisciplinary and Comparative Perspective 12-13 May


Trade Unions in the Transnational Sphere 25-26 October

Religion and Modernity 17-18 June

Aliens, Strangers and Monsters 18 March


Axial Transformations 17-19 December

Enlightenment in Comparison 13 October

Inter-Media and the Practice of History with Lars-Åke Engblom, Hans-Ulrich Jost, Giuseppe Lauricella and Hagen Schulz-Forberg 28 May

Bringing the Social and the Political back in Again  Revisiting Social History in the Light of the Recent Cultural Turn but Moving Towards a Processual Macro-history 24-25 May

War and Peace in a Cosmopolitan Perspective with Gopal Balakrishnan 15 May

Nations and Narratives: Pax Romana, Pax Americana Extraordinary Seminar with Richard Kearney 2 May

Images of Historical and Political Time Extraordinary Seminar with Reinhart Koselleck and Kari Paalonen 9 April

Utopian Images of Peace and War in Europe 5-6 April

Identity and Temporality Constructions of Continuity and Discontinuity 2-3 April


Collective Identities and Multiple Modernities 14-16 December

European States and Citizens: A Millennium of Debate 23-24 October

Labour Market Norms in Transition The Flexibility Rhetoric in Europe and the USA in Comparison: Social learning or Social Unlearning  22 June From 1968 to the illennium:
  Continuities and Discontinuities in Historical Processe organised by: Paul Ginsborg, Luisa Passerini, Bo Stråth and Peter Wagner 5-7 June

Social Democracy and Economic Management: Can the Primacy of the Political be Regained?  31 May

The Meanings of 'Europe' in National Discourses  28-29 May

Exploration in Economic Sociology. Economics, Institutions and Culture  24 May

Pasts Proposed, Factual and Contra-factual History 15-16 May Ideology and Historiography: The Making of Yugoslavian Identity in Serbian, Slovenian and Croatian Historiography  8-9 May

Homeland  14-15 April

Beyond the Printed Word: New Media and the Practice of History  29 March


From the Werner Plan to the EMU: The Economic-Political Embedding of Labour Markets between Europe and the Nation in Historical View  26-27 November

Multiple Modernities: Between Nation-Building and Muslim Traditions 5 October

History and Community: Rethinking the Nation State  1-2 October

Transferring/Transforming Productive Models  4 June

Between the USA and Europe in cooperation with John Brewer and Luisa Passerini 21-22 May

Between Fascism and the Euro: Mass Media and the Invention of European Historical Identity 18 May

Future Policies on Income, Taxation, Employment and Pensions in Historical Perspective Organised by Paul Johnson, Frances Lynch, Alan Milward and Bo Stråth within the framework of the European Forum research programme 1998-1999 3-4 May

One Film - Many Histories: An Inquiry into the Film "Before the Rain"  22-23 April

Art and Fact: Possibilities of Representation  19-20 April


Modernity, Enlightenment and Genocide  9-10 November

From Social to Political Violence  16-17 October

Flexibility Between Risk and Security 2 October

Memory and Myth in the Construction of Community  4-7 June

l848 - Commemoration in Europe  25-26 May

From the Idea of Full Employment to the Flexibility Discourse  15 May

Film and History: The Conflict of Interpretations  27-29 April

Modernity and Religion in Europe and the Middle East: Self-Image and the Image of the Other 3-4 April


From 1968 to the Turn of the Millennium: Italy, Sweden and Germany in Comparison 13-16 November

Communities in Peril: The Memory and History of Crisis in Scandinavia and Germany  2-5 October


Contemporary Approaches to History and Society in Human and Social Sciences 5-7 September