Europe and the Other, Europe as the OtherBo Stråth (ed.)

This book contributes to the debate on what Europe means by demonstrating the complexities and contradictions inherent in the concept. They are seen most clearly when Europe is viewed from a long historical perspective.

During the closing decades of the twentieth century Europe emerged as one of the main points of reference in both the cultural and political constructs of the global community. An obsession with the concept of European identity is readily discernible. This process of identity construction provokes critical questions that the book aims to address. At the same time the book explores the opportunities offered by the concept of Europe to see how it may be used in the construction of the future. The approach is one of both deconstruction and reconstruction.

Bo Stråth (ed.), Europe and the Other, Europe as the Other. Multiple Europes No. 10. P.I.E.-Peter Lang, Brussels 2000.