Europe's Utopias of Peace: 1815, 1919, 1951

Table of Contents 


Introduction: Utopia, History and Teleology: The Bicentenary European Search for a Political Economy for Welfare and Warfare, and Struggle with Nationalism and Democracy 

Chapter 1. The Vienna Peace Utopia of 1815 and the World of Trade

Chapter 2. Welfare: The Dissolution of the Vienna Peace Utopia from Within

Chapter 3. Warfare: The Dissolution of the Vienna Peace Utopia from Without

Chapter 4. Versailles: the Utopia of Peace through Democracy

Chapter 5. The Great Depression and the Collapse of the World Order

Chapter 6. After World War II: From the Utopia of Peace for the Cold War to the Euro-Crisis and the Search for a New Narrative

Epilogue: The Bicentenary European Struggle with Nationalism and Democracy, and Search for a Global Political Economy