James Kaye

European University Institute
Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies
via dei Roccettini 9
I-50016 Fiesole (FI)

email: james.kaye@eui.eu

fon +39 055 46 85 846 and +39 055 65 94 352
fax: +390554685804

Research Fellow and Assistant Project Coordinator EMEDIATE

European University Institute, Florence, Italy
Ph.D. in History and Civilisation (Defence 15 September 2003) Dissertation: No One Such Place, "Home" in Austrian and Swedish "Landscapes", Advisor: Prof. Bo Stråth

University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Student of History 1992-1997

The City College of New York, New York, New York
B.F.A. Film/Communications, Cum Laude 1991

Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont
Intensive German Program Summer 1988

There's No Place Like Home, in Ron Robin and Bo Stråth (eds.) Homeland, P.I.E.-Peter Lang, Brussels 2003. Abstract

Mellifluence Yielding Architecture or What They Saw, Florence 2000 (web publication) Link

Enlightenment and Genocide, Contradictions of Modernity, Philosophy and Politics No. 5, P.I.E.-Peter Lang, Brussels 2000 (edited with Bo Stråth). Abstract

A Problematic Obligation: Commemorating the 1848 Revolution in Austria, (with Isabella Matauschek), in Charlotte Tacke (ed.), 1848 - Memory and Oblivion in Europe, Euroclio No. 19, P.I.E -Peter Lang Brussels 2000.

Wolfgang Pavlik, the Image of the Other: Ahnengalerie, in Bo Stråth (ed.), Myth and Memory in the Construction of Community, Historical Patterns in Europe and Beyond, Multiple Europes No. 9, P.I.E.-Peter Lang, Brussels 2000. Abstract

Work in Progress
No One Such Place, "Home" in Austrian and Swedish "Landscapes",
Manuscript near completion for submission for publication as a monograph.

Apes and Sahibs, Bodyscapes, Origins, Cultural Communication and the Mind, Article near compleation.

Scholarships, Awards and Honours
Guest Scholar, Centre for Multiethnic Research/Programme for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Uppsala University 2002-2003

Fellow, Konstanzer Meisterklasse on "Sprache, Kultur und Gesellschaft", University of Konstanz, Bernhard Giesen with Jeffrey Alexander, Zygmunt Bauman and Reinhart Koselleck, Konstanz, Germany 2001

Visiting Research Fellow, Lund University, Department of History, Lund, Sweden Spring 1999

Dissertation Scholarship, Amt der niederösterreischischen Landesregierung (The government of Lower Austria) 1999

Scholarship, Winter School on "Belonging", Collegium Budapest, Institute for Advanced Study, Budapest, Hungary 1998

Erasmus Scholarship, European University Institute, Florence, Italy 1997-1998 Austrian Ministry of Science

Research Fellow Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies/EUI From 2004

Founding Editor of the Web-based Journal "Collaborative History" 2000-2001

Research Assistant, Prof. Bo Stråth, Robert Schuman Centre, European University Institute 1998-2003

Collaborator in the Project The Cultural Construction of Community in the Process of Modernisation in Sweden and Germany 1998-1999

Web-master, Prof. Bo Stråth, Robert Schuman Centre, EUI 1998-2002

Teaching Assistant for Professor Michael Mitterauer Vienna University 1996/97

Artistic Director, Film im Puls, alternative film society, St. Pölten, Austria 1995-1998

Artistic Director, Film am Dom, Open Air Film Festival, St. Pölten, Austria 1993-1998

Archaeological Photographer, Vienna City Archeology, Unterlaa 1993, Kaiserebersdorf 1994, Palais Porcia 1995/6

Freelance Photographer, Vienna, Austria 1992-1998

Referent für Überregionales, International Students of History Association, Vienna 1990-1995

Second Mate Schooner Freedom, New York Harbor 1989-1990

Conferences and Workshops
Presenter, "Europe Questioned from Within" in the panel The View from Europe, chaired by Bonnie Wheeler, at the Renaissance Weekend hosted by Phil Lader (Former U.S. Ambassador to the UK) Oxford 31 July - 4 August 2002

Chair/Paper, Continuing Education Seminar for Scandinavian teachers of German Gemeinsamkeiten und Differenzen: Österreich und der nord./balt. Raum im Vergleich, Vienna, 24-26 April 2002

Chair, Aliens, Strangers and Monsters a video conference Boston-Florence, 18 March 2002. Link

Chair, Inter-Media and the Practice of History, 28 May 2001. Link

Paper, "Clothes Make the Man" at Identity, Institutions, Practices, Organised by Peter Becker and Glenda Sluga, Florence 21 May 2001

Paper, Identity and Temporality Constructions of Continuity and Discontinuity, 2-3 April 2001. Link

Chair/Paper, Pasts Proposed, Factual and Contra-factual History, 15-16 May 2000. Link

Paper, Homeland, 14-15 April 2000. Link

Chair/Paper, Beyond the Printed Word: New Media and the Practice of History, 29 March 2000. Link

Chair/Paper, Art and Fact: Possibilities of Representation, 19-20 April 1999. Link

Paper, De historiska vetenskaperna och bilden (Historical Science in Images), Lund University, 5-7 February 1999

Paper, "Wolfgang Pavlik, The Image of the Other: Ahnnengalerie" Memory and Myth in the Construction of Community, Organised by Bo Stråth, 4-7 June 1998

Chair/Paper, We and They, constructing European Identities, Vienna, September 1998

Paper, Between 'Americanisation' and 'Sovietisation' la représentation de l'Holocauste dans les Musées, Florence 21 October 1997

Chair, I.S.H.A Conference Man and Nature, Vienna Organisation and Workshop Chair 1996

Discussant, Propaganda and History, Mainz, 1995

Chair, I.S.H.A Nationalism Congress, Vienna April 1991

Exhibitions (Curator)
Mellifluence Yielding Architecture or What They Saw, Florence March 2000. Link

The Image of the Other: Ahnnengalerie, Wolfgang Pavlik, Florence June 1998

Children in War, Pädagogische Akademie Vienna December 1993

Research and Teaching Interests
The theory of history and narration
Conceptual history
Comparative history
Social and cultural history
The history of daily life
Memory and history
The Enlightenment
Nineteenth and twentieth century European history
Central European history
Austrian history
Scandinavian history
The image and history
Photography and history and the history of photography

English, German, Italian, Swedish

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