Bo Stråth


Bo Stråth (Curriculum Vitae) was 2007-2014 Finnish Academy Distinguished Professor in Nordic, European and World History and Director of Research at the Department of World Cultures / Centre of Nordic Studies (CENS), University of Helsinki. 1997-2007 he was Professor of Contemporary History at the European University Institute in Florence, and 1991-1996 Professor in History at the University of Gothenburg. He is a member of The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

War and Peace

by | May 15, 2001 | Conferences, Curriculum vitae

War and Peace in a Cosmopolitan Perspective

A workshop organised by Gopal Balakrishnan and Bo Stråth
With Daniel Archibugi and David Chandler 
Tuesday 15 May 2001 15.00-19.00

Sala Triaria

This workshop will debate one of the most divisive issues in contemporary politics: the legitimacy of military intervention in the name of an international community whose future legal status and structures are still indeterminate. Professors Daniel Archibugi and David Chandler will address the implications of the contemporary post-Cold War global governance project on war and peace. The possibility of a comprehensive legalization of interstate relations was raised by Kant more than two centuries ago. How well does this philosophical tradition fare as both an empirical account and philosophical legitimation of the trends and possibilities of contemporary geopolitics? is the post-Cold War world moving towards the kind of cosmopolitan world order that Kant envisaged, or does the rhetoric of cosmopolitanism serve primarily as a cover for the power politics of a United States-headquartered New World order? This exchange will clarify the fundamental theoretical assumptions underlying the central contention surrounding the future of the sovereign state in the international arena.

Within the framework of the project The Modernity of Europe, A Comparative Historical and Political-Philosophical Assessment

Professors Bo Stråth and Peter Wagner

5-6 April 2001

Villa La Fonte, via delle Fontanelle 20, San Domenico di Fiesole

A constant of international relations in Europe, oscillating between peace and war, has been the tension between state sovereignty and the image of a universal order transcending state borders. The framework for this discourse was Christian initially; with the Enlightenment, it came to be based upon ideas of universal, „natural“ human rights. This tension can be perceived in European history from Augustine’s reflection on the just war 1600 years ago up to the most recent war in Kosovo. Under the preconditions of this tension, various outlines of bellum justum and eternal peace have been drafted. Utopian images of peace have succeeded utopian images of war. The conditions under which such images are constructed to mobilise populations have not been submitted to thorough investigation. Modernity, as a rule, connotes peaceful development. The connection between war and modernity has yet to be addressed.

This workshop investigates the interplay between images of modernity, peace and war from a long historical view.


Thursday, 5 April

15.00 Bo Stråth and Peter Wagner, Introduction

15.30 Reinhart Koselleck, The Utopias of Peace in Vienna 1815 and Versailles 1919

20.00 Dinner in Maiano

Friday 6 April

9.00 Pierre Hassner, Dialectics of War and Peace: Rousseau, Kant and Hegel

10.00 Karma Nabulsi, Utopias of War: Images of Republican War in Marseilles 1832, Besançon 1833 and Lyon 1834

11.15 Coffee break
11.45 Greg Reichberg, Just War or Perpetual Peace, A Comparison of Competing Ethical Traditions

13.00 Lunch
14.30 J. Peter Burgess, War in the Name of Europe: The Legitimacy of Collective Violence

16.00 Thomas Hippler, The Enlightenment Discourse on Perpetual Peace

20.00 Dinner in town


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