Takuro Iwasa

Current information

Takuro Iwasa
Assistant Professor
Osaka University of Economics


Takuro Iwasa is Assistant Professor at Osaka University  of Economics. 
During 1992-2001, he had been in charge of the European  market at Panasonic Co..Ltd. In 2002, he obtained M.A. in Advanced European and  International Studies at Institut Européen des Hautes Etudes Internatinales in  France. In 2007, he obtained Ph.D. in History and Civilisation at European  University Institute in Italy. He has written on comparative studies  of civilisations and cultures between Japan and Europe. "The Influence of  Europe on Japan's Modernization Process during the Meiji Era and the Consequences  to Today's Japan" (M.A. 
Paper, English, 2002). "West European Academic Images and  Stereotypes of Japan since the 1970s" (Ph.D. Thesis, English, 2007).

PhD Thesis Title: West European Academic Images and Stereotypes of Japan Since the 1970s