Cultural Constructions of Community

Bo Stråth

Seminar Programme Autumn Term Oct-Dec, 1997

Mondays at 5 pm, Triaria, Fridays at 11 am, RSC


              The seminar aims at providing a background of modern history making and expand theoretical horizons. The seminar is a continuation of the discussion at the seminar of the spring term. The focus will be on the role of language and symbols in the construction of social communities and identities, including the role of history in these processes. The more general theoretical focus at the eight Monday meetings in Villa Schiffanoia will be supplemented with at least three Friday meetings in Convento dealing with the transformation of the idea of a full employment to the flexibility discourse since the 1960s. Invited speakers will there demonstrate how the constructivist theoretical perspective can be used in research praxis.

                13 Oct (Triaria)
The History of Concepts and the Concept of History. Reinhart Koselleck, Bielefeld University

20 Oct (Triaria)
The Iconography of Violent Death. Reinhart Koselleck, Bielefeld University

3 Nov (Triaria)
The Cultural Construction of Norden. Otto Dann, Köln University, Øystein Sørensen, Oslo University and Bo Stråth

7 Nov (RSC)
The Interrelation of the Constructions of the Labour Markets and the Welfare State in Britain and France. Noël Whiteside, University of Bristol

10 Nov (Triaria)
Postmodern Methodology and Historical Truth. Lucy Cole

17 Nov (Triaria)
The Scenes of Power. The Stage-Setting of Berlin as a Capital and a Room of Representation. Wolfgang Kaschuba, Humboldt University, Berlin

24 Nov (Triaria)
Municipalism and a National Hierarchy: 19th Century City-Identity in the Paese delle cento città. Sten Bo Frandsen, Danish Rome Institute

28 Nov (RSC)
The Emergence of the Flexibility Discourse in France and Germany in Comparison. Bénédicte Zimmermann, Paris

1 Dec (Triaria)
The Invention of Unemployment. Bénédicte Zimmermann, Paris

5 Dec (RSC)
The Construction of the Flexible Employee. Christina Garsten, Stockholm University

9 Dec (Triaria)
            Concluding Discussion

In the theoretical framework of the seminar, please notice two conferences open to researchers of the EUI:

2-5 Oct "Communities in Peril: The Memory and History of Crisis in Scandinavia and Germany" organised by Nina Witoszek in Hotel Demidoff, Pratolino. Transports will be organised from the EUI.

13-16 Nov "From 1968 to the Turn of the Millennium: Italy, Sweden and Germany in Comparison" organised by Luisa Passerini and Bo Stråth in Sala Europa.

More about these conferences under "Conferences" on the home page of the history department. For participation, please contact Sergio Amadei, tel 391 or email amadei.